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June 11, 2017

How to Beat the Post Vacation Struggle | AMarriedAdventure.com

Hi, Friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I must say, I feel pretty accomplished for making it through a 6-day work week last week. I mean, I just got back from vacation and had to work 60+ hours. That is some major #adulting right there if I do say so myself! I also managed to work out 3 days (this is huge for me).  And if you saw on Insta Stories, I also decided to start a new project (my urban balcony garden).

Memorial Day weekend officially/unofficially kicked off the start of the summer just two short weekends ago. Summer vacations are and always will be my favorite. However, I’ve found since being in the “real-world” aka working a full time job post college that it’s hard as hell to get back into a groove after a trip. That post-vacation struggle is REAL!

I’ve finally found a few tricks that work for me in beating the post-vacation struggle. I really made sure to put them to use after this last trip to Austin and they really WORK! If you’re anything like I used to be, it takes you a whole work week to get back into your normal routine. You’re really just surviving and not thriving, and to me, that’s the worst feeling. And besides, ain’t nobody got time for that!

These tips should help you get back into your groove and BEAT the post-vacation struggle that we all get.

Tips on How to Beat the Post-Vacation Struggle

No. 1: Leave yourself a day in between getting back from vacation and going back to work. I’ve done it far too many times where I get back from a week long vacation on a Sunday night and have to be to work the next morning. I find that to be way too stressful and sets me up for failure the entire week.

No. 2: Change your linens and towels before leaving. Is there anything better than a freshly made bed?! I don’t think so! Just think of how wonderful it will feel to come home and crawl into your own bed that’s so fresh and so clean-clean. I also swap out my towels and fold them nicely so that it almost feels like a hotel bathroom when you get home.

How to Beat the Post Vacation Struggle | AMarriedAdventure.com

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No. 3: Clean your home and do laundry before leaving! There is nothing worse than coming home to a messy house and a bunch of dirty laundry. Who really wants to come home to chores that need to be done?! I know I don’t.

How to Beat the Post Vacation Struggle | AMarriedAdventure.com

No. 4: Meal plan and pre-order groceries for when you arrive home. You guys…I just did this one on my last trip and it was LIFE CHANGING. I pre-ordered all my groceries for the week to arrive in the early afternoon on Sunday (I got home late Saturday night). This allowed me to meal prep and get everything situated for the upcoming week. It truly made the biggest difference to getting back on track for the week. BONUS: I didn’t have to go to the grocery store myself. #winning

How to Beat the Post Vacation Struggle | AMarriedAdventure.com

No. 5:  Treat yourself one last time (or two). You know that day you left inbetween getting home and going back to work? Get yourself a mani/pedi. How nice is it to go back to work freshly manicured?? I feel like a new person whenever I get my nails done.

No. 6:  Schedule a happy-hour (or two) for during the week. One of my favorite parts of vacations is really enjoying happy-hours. Scheduling one or two into your week post-vacation will make transitioning back into real-life more enjoyable if you have something to look forward to.

How to Beat the Post Vacation Struggle | AMarriedAdventure.com

No. 7:  While you certainly can’t sip mai tais during the work day you can sip on infused water or La Croix. Or better yet, infused La Croix.

How to Beat the Post Vacation Struggle | AMarriedAdventure.com

No. 8: Pamper yourself with a face mask or bubble bath to help keep that vacay relaxation feeling going. Bonus points if there’s wine involved.

How to Beat the Post Vacation Struggle | AMarriedAdventure.com


I hope you all find these tips useful as you take your own summer trips! Remember, you can apply these tips to a weekend getaway or a week long + vacation!

Cheers to a productive week ahead, Friends!




May 15, 2017

How to Care for Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Hi Friends! It’s back to the daily Monday-Friday grind after a fun filled weekend. Since it was Mother’s Day weekend and my brother was home visiting for a few days we headed up to our hometown to enjoy some time with family. We also enjoyed having a large backyard, more than 600sqft, drive-thrus, and diet cokes in styrofoam cups from Chick-fil-A. It’s the small things in life that always bring so much joy….you know, like the styrofoam cups.

Ryan has been dying to get a “living something” for our apartment (not counting the two living humans and french bulldog, lol). I’m sooooooo not a plant lady so I’ve been dodging the idea, but finally, I caved! We looked at various plants to decide which one (s) we liked and didn’t like. The only one that I really loved was a fiddle leaf fig. Turns out these “fashion-forward” plants are a tad bit high maintenance. Well, that has been an understatement!

I am happy to report that we’ve had our fiddle leaf for a little over 5 months and it’s still alive and dare I even say thriving. That’s right, we’ve had new leaves grow! Plant parent win!! Now, I am by no means an expert on fiddle leafs but I do have a few tips on how to care for one.

If you love these trees too but have been nervous about buying one, DON’T be! Because seriously, if Ryan and I can keep it alive, so can you! We are total plant rookies! We’re still learning what works best for our fiddle but I think we’ve finally found it. Hopefully some of the brown spots will go away soon. That bright green leaf is one of the new ones that just sprouted.

How to Care for Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Tips on Caring for Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree:

1. Watering–you have to give it just the right amount of water. Not too much and not too little. The gardner at the plant store told us to water it once the top inch of soil dries out, then water it again until water comes out at the bottom. It likes to have a moist but not soaked soil.

2. Sunlight–indirect sunlight is best. Too much hot direct light can burn the leaves and cause them to fall off. Not enough light can also cause the leaves to fall off. See what I mean about being high maintenance…

3. Keep it out of drafty areas. Drafts can cause the plant to dry up, leaves to brown, and then eventually fall off. This goes for both air conditioning and window drafts.

4. Dust it, dust it realllllll good. The leaves are so large on a fiddle leaf that they do require some periodic dusting. This will help keep your plant “breathing” and will prevent any weird funguses and/or pests from growing. Ain’t nobody got time for either of those problems!

How to Care for Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

There you have it, my tips for keeping this finicky plant alive. If you have any tips I’d love to hear yours!



March 31, 2017

Spring Cleaning | AMarriedAdventure.com

Spring has sprung! I must admit that Spring is the least of my favorite seasons, primarily because I have horrible allergies. I spend 3-months being pretty darn miserable.  BUT I do love me some Spring cleaning and Springtime flowers! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Spring cleaning must-dos to whip your home back into shape for the upcoming seasons.

Spring Cleaning Must-Dos


I’ve mentioned this book before…it’s life changing and will completely change your approach when it comes to cleaning and organizing.

Spring Cleaning | AMarriedAdventure.com

Spring Cleaning Must-Do No. 2: PURGE

Go through all your closets…anything that hasn’t been used in the last 6-months,  get rid of it (with the exception of clothes that that have been stored for when it’s not their season). It’s time to say, ” bye bye bye”  to those pieces of clothing, shoes, or anything else you’ve been hoarding for years. Trust me, you CAN do it! When I clean out my closet I will make separate piles of “donate” and “toss” this makes it easier rather than separating it all at the end. I also try to do this in my kitchen and bathroom cabinets. In my kitchen, if I don’t LOVE it or USE it regularly it gets tossed or donated . There is no sense in keeping something that you don’t love or use. “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” will teach you all about this.


You know, like all the dust bunnies under your sofa or dresser that you don’t see on a daily basis. The bunnies are there and they are NOT the kind of bunnies we want. For some reason my apartment gets crazy dusty and the hardwood floors show every spec of dust and it always seems to pile up under areas like the sofa and dresser. So give those areas a good clean, your allergies will thank you.


How annoying is it when you take the time to clean and it ends up taking you FOREVER because your products just aren’t doing a good enough job? That is definitely one of my biggest pet peeves about cleaning. With a little bit of trial and error I’ve found a few tried and true products that I just LOVE and that never seem to fail me…..J.R. Watkins All Purpose Cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer, and a good ol’ Swifter Duster.

Spring Cleaning | AMarriedAdventure.com

Spring Cleaning Must-Do No. 5: FRESHEN IT UP

Once your home is sparkling clean and meticulously organized give it a little extra fresh feeling with a new scented candle and your favorite spring time flowers.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love that just freshly cleaned and organized feeling. It really motivates me to be productive in other areas of my life when my home is cleaned and everything has a proper spot. Who else is with me on that?! I epically failed at keeping things organized after taking the time to do it during the start of the New Year. This weekend I’m going to whip everything back into shape and TRY to keep it that way.

Anyone have fun plans for the weekend? My weekend is pretty packed with plans and I’m super excited about it. I also plan on starting some Spring cleaning and I can’t wait, haha, how lame am I? It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend in Oakland so a walk around the lake is going to be a must.

Have a great weekend friends and good luck with your Spring cleaning!



February 27, 2017

Well, Friends….another Monday has graced our presence! Normally I would need an extra cup of coffee this morning, but not this Monday! Let me tell you why…I got a few hours of my weekend back thanks to shopping with Amazon Fresh. By the way– this post isn’t sponsored, I seriously think Amazon Fresh is the BEST!

Shopping with Amazon Fresh | AMarriedAdventure.com

What is this so-called “wonderful” thing I’m speaking of?!

Well, it’s an Amazon grocery store….that’s right my friends, Amazon just got that much BETTER. Who else is an Amazon junkie?!? Ryan and I do so much shopping through Amazon that I really don’t know what we’d do without it. Shopping with Amazon Fresh is going to be a game changer for our busy schedules.

Usually each weekend we have to grocery shop, stop at Target for a few necessities, and sometimes the pet store. Depending on what we have on the grocery list for the given week, we may even end up having to stop at two grocery stores (usually Whole Paycheck ahem, Whole Foods, and Safeway).  Just those few errands can take up a good chunk of an afternoon and I think it’s sooooo annoying when it does. In all honesty though, ever since I started working full-time post college I have hated having to spend my weekend grocery shopping and doing adult things. I would much rather use my weekends for enjoyment and not just to get things done for the upcoming work week. A girl needs at least two days to enjoy her time instead of having to use it to prep for the work week ahead. Am I right or am I right?! Can I get an amen?! So seriously, shopping with Amazon Fresh is going to give me so much time back! Who doesn’t want that?

Other than being a time saver my second favorite part about shopping with Amazon Fresh is that it was cheaper than our normal  Safeway trip. I’m sure this will vary each week depending what’s on the list but I can tell you everything we ordered this weekend was cheaper on Amazon Fresh than it is at Safeway.

Shopping with Amazon Fresh | AMarriedAdventure.com

How to shop with Amazon Fresh

If you’re an Amazon Prime Member then you can join for just $10.99 a month and for non Amazon Prime Members you can join for $14.99 per month. It’s a small price to pay for such a significant time savings each week. You can pick your delivery for the same day or the next day to fit your schedule. You can look here to see if Amazon Fresh is in your neighborhood. If it’s not, I highly recommend writing them a letter because they are working on bringing it to more cities!

I can’t wait to hear what you all do with the time you get back from shopping with Amazon Fresh!!