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May 24, 2017

Fabulous Find Alert | Nordstrom Rack | AMarriedAdventure.com

Remember in this post when I promised to keep you guys updated whenever I found something fabulous?! Well, today at the Nordstrom Rack I stumbled upon a very fabulous yet casual pair of sandals for only $50.00. I have been coveting these similar sandals that are double the price and they aren’t even that cute on my feet.

These Steve Madden sandals are much more dainty for my narrow feet and don’t over power my feet. The best part??? They come in FIVE different colors and you can buy them online at Nordstrom Rack. I seriously want all the colors! I planned to only keep either the nude OR black, but now I’m thinking about keeping both.

So if you love these as much as I do you better get them before they sell out!!

Fabulous Find Alert | Nordstrom Rack | AMarriedAdventure.com

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Happy Shopping!! Can’t wait to see what colors you all buy!



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  1. […] no thanks. I’ll stick to my cute new Steve Madden Sandals that I talked about in this post here. I love myself a good tote bag and this “Hey, Y’all” one seemed perfect for […]

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