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May 3, 2017

The Best Margarita for Cinco de Mayo | AMarriedAdventure.com

Tacos, margaritas, and guacamole, OH MY! That must mean it’s Cinco de Mayo, which is basically one of my favorite holidays because HELLO, tacos, margaritas, AND guac! Seriously, a reason to eat my three favorite food groups in one day, say no more!

Come every Cinco de Mayo I search and search for the ‘best’ margarita to make for my fiesta. Every recipe I find leaves me a little more and more disappointed than the last one.

This year was no exception in my hunt for the ‘perfect’ margarita. However, the one thing that was different this year is that I decided to make my own recipe inspired by the margaritas my uncle used to make me. This recipe is as home crafted as can be and I don’t think a better margarita recipe exists. I clearly may be a little bias, but they really are that good. Ryan just can’t get enough of them!

So, do you all want to know the secret to this margarita??? It’s the cuties! Yes, those adorable little orange fruits that are filled with nothing but deliciousness.

The Best Margarita for Cinco de Mayo | AMarriedAdventure.com

Ingredients for The BEST Margarita:

**2 parts tequila (I use reposado)

**1 1/2 parts simple syrup (I use the pre-made stuff)

**1 1/2 part triple sec

**1 1/2 parts lime juice (I use the pre-juiced organic jar)

**2 cuties

Instructions for The BEST Margarita:

**Fill a chilled glass a little more than halfway with crushed ice (remember the key to a good cocktail is the ice)

**Pour all ingredients over the ice

**Stir and enjoy

The Best Margarita for Cinco de Mayo | AMarriedAdventure.com

So there you have it, the BEST margarita you’re going to make at home! This one is for you, Uncle Geno…we know you’d love it as much as we do!

What are you favorite recipes for Cinco de Mayo?? This year I may cook a thing or two out of the big ol’ pretty Mexico cookbook of mine!



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