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March 6, 2017

Dining Room Update | AMarriedAdventure.com

If you follow along with me on SnapChat or InstaStories then you know I have been trying to update my “dining room” **cough cough** dining nook. The space doesn’t necessarily need updating, it just really needs something on the “big” white wall behind the table. The struggle is real though…I have such a hard time deciding on home decor, I need to see it all pieced together before pulling the trigger. Putting these little boards together help me figure out what pieces make the final cut and which ones don’t. If you’re making interior updates, I highly recommend putting boards like this together, especially if you’re a visual person like me.

The Details about the Dining Room Update Inspiration Board:

Our dining space is small but I’m hoping it will pack a mighty little punch! Part of this dining room update will definitely include my current obsession, wallpaper. I’ve had some serious MAJOR wallpaper crushes lately! This black and white speck print makes my heart go “pitter patter.” Is that totally weird to say?! Like who goes gaga for wallpaper?! I do!!!

Because our apartment is small I was a little apprehensive about using wallpaper. Especially since we have a large multi-colored turkish rug in the adjoining living room… Remember, we’re only working with 600sqft here, people. But I finally pulled the trigger and purchased wallpaper… it’s so good that I want to talk about it in it’s own post.

Since the dining nook is directly off the living room I wanted to make sure it semi-flowed with the rest of the space. I kept my existing dining table and chairs since I love them and they match with other elements in the apartment. My biggest issue with this space was the vertical blinds over the sliding door, I just couldn’t do them anymore. They felt so cold and sterile with the grey tile floor. My original intention was to hang curtains over the door and keep the verticals (mainly because we’re renting) thinking it would help warm the space. Whelp, I completely took the verticals down… so I’m thinking that’s goodbye to our deposit. I’ve also given myself anther job of having to patch and paint the holes from the verticals…whoopsy! More work for me, but it’s worth it with them gone!

The next part of the dining room update is wall decor. I’m thinking I want something emerald to tie in with the loveseat. I would LOVEEEEE to have an emerald juju hat. That dream was quickly crushed when I found out how expensive they are, sighhhh.  So I’m thinking about putting a Starbust mirror up there and spray painting it emerald. I’m thinking it will be cute, but I haven’t fully committed to that decision yet.

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Dining Table | Dining Chairs | Wallpaper | Curtains | Juju Hat 

I can’t wait to share the actual reveal with you all once I tackle installing the wallpaper!



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