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January 16, 2017

A Married Adventure Blog: Las Vegas: AMarriedAdventure.com

2017 started off with a quick trip to Las Vegas that was filled with cocktails (lots!), gluten free food, and champagne vending machines (say what?!). It was a great way to kick off the new year and put all those new years goals off for a few more days! You can catch up on all my goals for this year in this post here.

Like I always do before traveling I spend a good hour or two researching my food options in my upcoming destination. I always keep my expectations low so that when I find a good option or two it feels like winning $100 on video poker (which is really exciting). They say, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” but not this time! For all you gluten free eaters out there I just had to share some of the wonderful places that we ate and loved in Las Vegas. These places are also great for all you gluten eaters as well.

Gluten Free in Las Vegas

Maggiano’s Little Italy

 All their sauces are made fresh each day and do not contain any gluten ingredients. That’s right, you can have pretty much any pasta that you want here! I went with the chicken alfredo because I haven’t had it in years. Let’s just say it’s the best pasta I’ve had in a long time. The alfredo sauce was sooooooo unbelievably good and you’d never know that the penne was gluten free. When I alerted the waiter of my allergy he went and got the chef who came to the table to review the menu with me.  He was completely willing to alter any of the other menu selections so that I could enjoy them. This place was seriously a dream to eat at and not have to worry about getting sick.

Carnegie Deli

If you’re going to Carnegie’s then chances are you’re going for one of the oversized meat sandwiches. Luckily for gluten free eaters, they do offer a gluten free bread. Now, this bread leaves a little something to be desired but it’s okay because the pastrami is good enough to carry the whole sandwich. I’m telling you, their pastrami is perfection!

The Buffet at TI

I was super apprehensive about eating at a buffet…..reason one–cross contamination. reason two–no gluten free options. The Buffet at TI completely proved me wrong. When I asked about the gluten free options the chef actually came out and walked me around the buffet to explain the options that I had. He also gave me a highlighted menu with the available options. The food options were so vast that I did not leave feeling hungry like I was so sure would happen. I even had my own mini personal pizza. Possibly my favorite thing about this buffet was the all you can drink wine/beer for $12.50…I certainly got my $12.50 worth of wine!

Mon Ami Gabi

A classic french bistro with gluten free options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Gluten free waffles for the win, I can never turn down a gluten free waffle!


This place makes you feel like a “cool kid” with all the unique cocktails and menu items in such a swanky space. Caviar tacos anyone?! They are totally gluten free, btw. Their gluten free menu boasts around 15 different options with countless cocktail options.

Coffee in Las Vegas


There are probably at least 4-6 Starbucks in every hotel, but do yourself a favor and skip the good ol’ bucks this time! Go try Sambalatte, their pumpkin latte actually tasted like a real pumpkin latte and not completely artificial. My favorite part, they can make the latte rainbow colors and it’s the prettiest latte you ever did see.

A Married Adventure Blog: Las Vegas: Sambalatte: AMarriedAdventure.com

Cocktails in Las Vegas

Obviously cocktails in Vegas are a dime a dozen, that’s what makes it so fun! I definitely had my fair share of blended drinks in the long tube glasses to walk around the strip with. Hands down my favorite find was the Moet Chandon vending machine in the Mandarin Oriental. Walking around the streets with a mini champagne bottle was just way too fun!

A Married Adventure Blog: Moet Chandon: AMarriedAdventure.com

Even if you can only go to one of these places on your trip to Las Vegas you are sure to leave a happy camper!




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