A Married Adventure
December 1, 2016

Happy first day of December, ya’ll! I don’t know about you, but December is absolutely my favorite month of the whole year. The twinkling lights, smell of pine, gilded decor, and parties filled with family and friends are just a few of my favorite things. Everything always seems so much more magical this time of year, even the DIY projects seem a little more magical. I really think it’s the only time of year that I bust out all the DIYs LoL.

If you’re anything like me then you love decking the halls of your home with as much holiday decor as you can cram into your 600 square foot urban apartment. For me, holiday decor even includes throw pillows…but geez louise can they be expensive! These DIY placemat pillows are not only easy to make but they’re also easy on the wallet. Did I mention that they don’t require a sewing machine?! This DIY placemat pillow is completely credited to my crafty Momma who was also tired of paying $40 for just one darn pillow that sits on the sofa for only thirty days out of the year.

DIY Placemat Holiday Pillow: AMarriedAdventure.com

What You’ll Need:

-Fabric Placemat–you can find the one I used here

-Fiberfill–With my Michael’s coupon this one came out to only $2.50

-Sewing Needle

-Sewing Thread

-Seam Ripper


-Use your seam ripper to unstitch a corner of the placemat. I would only undo as much as you need to fit your hand inside the placemat.

-Stuff the placemat with your fiber fill. You can make it as plush as you’d like.

-Sew the corner back up.

DIY Placemat Pillow: AMarriedAdventure.com



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